The Owner

                                      Aurellia Bredeveldt

Aurellia Bredeveldt is the creator of and business mind behind Baba Chic Boutique. Being in the jewellery industry for more than 26 years, she found that there was a need for baby and children's jewellery, especially of good quality sterling silver, gold and semi-precious stones. 


The Graphic Designer & Photographer -  Leanne-Kelly Staebler

Leanne "Annie" Staebler is the epitome of the word artist; she makes the most simple of settings a photographical masterpiece using her keen eye for detail and dimension.

When it came to layering images and logo design, Annie used Aurellia's vision and executed exactly what was needed.

From this came the Baba Chic Boutique logo as well as all the stunning designs and photographs that you see on this site



The Copywriting and Content Editing is done by Nicole “Coco” Hendricks, who compiled descriptions for each piece of jewellery and creatively set out all the writing content

for the website.


Coco was both Aurellia’s personal assistant and content creator. She has been with Aurellia from the beginning of the start-up process, from setting up office to writing all the content for both the website and facebook page.


Nathan Pillay

Nathan is Aurellia's uncle who has supported, encouraged and motivated her to strive to the Top. Told her never to Give Up on what YOU BELIEVE IN.

He was a very successful business man and would always advise Aurellia on Business decisions...the way FORWARD.

He would accompany Aurellia to all her Baba Chic events, and was at every Market...also making sales, which he loved doing. Always inter acting with Customers with Passion.

Sadly Mr Nathan Pillay has passed away 5 August 2017.


Wendy Bredeveldt

Wendy is Aurellia's Sister. Her biggest Supporter, Confidant and Mentor. Wendy has been at the Birth of Baba Chic Boutique. And still continues to support this amazing Concept for the love of Baby and Kiddies Jewelry. Loves the idea of the PERSONAL TOUCH to each item.

Lesley Bredeveldt

Lesley is Aurellia's sister in law. Her Marketing Manager. Lesley has the knowledge of broadening the Horisons. Always see the bigger Picture for Baba Chic Boutique.

When there is a Market or an Expo to be done. This is the TEAM that is always there, from Set up to Set down. Brent Bredeveldt, Lesley Bredeveldt, Lara Bredeveldt and Caeden Bredeveldt.