Great job, ladies, keep up the great customer service! My delivery was on time.

Joanne - Cape Town

March 2014


Hi Baba Chic

Thank you so much for your prompt service delivery. Your team has been amazing on getting my order to me on time. This is when you had to deliver with in 7 days and not in 14 days as I have left it for the last minute. I thank You again. You will definately be hearing from me again.



June 2014



MYFavourite Shop online Store for Kiddies Jewells

I love Baba Chic Boutique. The jewellery is sweet and petite. The fact that  the items may be customised is also a big bonus. I personally loved the service as well as the jewellery, that I even bought myself a little bracelet. My 7 year old sister raves about her favourite pink set (necklace, earrings and a ring). She can't wait for more. We will be back :) 

Angelique - Johannesburg

January 2014


A Sparkling Star

Your combination of creativity and proffesionilsm was exactly what my little bambino & I needed. She adores her ring & will not take it off at night. She says "its her sparkling star." I will most definately be your regular customer.

Leigh - Cape Town

May 2014


Happy Daddy

It's great to work with a team so open-minded and responsive. Thumbs UP! :)

Greg - Pinetown 

July 2014


Dear Baba Chic Boutique team

Whow, what an amazing site. I love your jewellery, my favourite for my God Daughter is the Baby Spoon Brooch with her birthstone. I think it is a lovely keepsake gift. She can even wear it when she is older. Love the idea and concept.

Love Gina


November 2014


Thank you so much for the idea you have given me at the Market. This is my first Grandchild and to be able to give her such a special gift makes me so happy. I know she will remember that her Nana gave it her when she was born. It was really lovely to Meet you. Such kindness. 

God Bless.



November 2014


Dear Aurellia

I must say you have beautiful things for babies. I was at the market on Saturday and could not believe that some one actually came up with the idea of making jewellery for little boys. I know many people think its a "Girl-thing". but I dont think so.  Thank you for your advice that he should only wear his chain from the age of 2years old. its just a few months away. Thank you once again for your kindness. 



December 2014


Hello baba Chic

The name suits your products. I am so Blessed with wonderful 3 kids, 2 girls and a boy. I have endless problems when shopping with them, cos if i buy for the girls my son also wants...but obviously, I cannot always give him the same as the girls. Its wonderful to know that you have a variety of jewels for boys as well. Thank you for thinking of US Boy moms...Just love your website.






Dear Baba Chic Boutique

Compliments of the season to you. May your Business continue to grow. I love your workmanship of your special little items for our little Angels. Looking forward to seeing more of your products. God Bless You.

Fondest Regards




Hello Aurellia

Thank you so much for your wonderful Service. I know you were hectic, especially this time of year and yet you managed to help me with my orders. I want to Thank you once again for Your Great Products. Im really loving the Baba Spoon Brooch. such a great idea.

Take care and have a Wonderful 2015.