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DESCRIPTION:  Sterling Silver Personalized Name Necklace with set with Crystal Stones on either side of the name.  This makes it unique. Crystal Stones comes in Pink, Light Blue and Turquoise Stone. .  If given a Turquoise by a Loving friend or family, that Stone would Protect the wearer from Negative energy and bring good fortune. This size is suitable between the ages of 2 – 7years of age for the young little girls. The length of the chain 40cm and a link on 35cm to shorten.

Prices various  according  the length of the name. This Price includes up to 6 letters in a name and a further R20 will be added for each letter in Sterling Silver. Should you require the item in 9ct Yellow Gold and addition R90 per letter will be added. An email will be sent confirming your details and quote.