Where it all began


Aurellia Bredeveldt has a 26-year long resumé in the jewellery industry and has the knowledge to prove it. From the age of 16 she loved to create her own pieces using beads, already developing that designer mind and increasing the love for all things bling.

She left Cape Town for Johannesburg at the age of 18 to venture new beginnings and found herself  at a major Life Insurance company. She worked as a Receptionist for 4 years and worked her way up to Senior Branch Secretary. Then an opportunity arose in the jewellery industry and she started off  as a consultant in a jewellery store. Always bringing her own ideas and knowing exactly what the clients wanted just by looking at them or having a brief conversation. She loved her job, but the much larger dream was always there.

Through the years of working in the jewellery industry she found that there was a need for kiddies jewellery, and not many establishments offered it, especially pieces from birth. In 2008 the idea of a Silver Spoon came to her. Turning the myth around from the child born with a silver spoon and giving it new meaning.

A baby is a gift from God, so the spoon represents that gift, being pure, representing life.”  - Aurellia Bredeveldt

After doing research and searching long and hard she found that a Silver Spoon and Spoon Brooch for babies had not yet been created. Making it unique and and giving it that exclusive appeal.

In 2011 she ended her career in the retail jewellery store business. She decided to do a bit of soul searching and found herself at a church service that spoke to her personally. From this she realised that she needed to pursue her dream.

She started coming up with ideas for designs but because of her financial situation she had to put it on hold. But never giving up faith, knowing that one day it would become a reality.

At the beginning of 2013, she moved back to Cape Town, where her heart was all along. She decided it was time to get the ball rolling. In order to raise funds to aid her new business she took a temping job and after 3 months she decided that it was not what she wanted to do, she wanted to be an entrepreneur.

Putting the idea into practice is what she feared, the fear of failure. That fear is still there even now that the business has launched, but with a normally very positive outlook on life and being very strong in her Christian beliefs, it's her faith that keeps her going. So with the support of family and friends, she did her research and found a jeweller. Now all her ideas and designs can become a reality for everyone to enjoy, especially the little ones.

Her aim is to keep it proudly South African, not importing. Having her pieces locally made while providing job creation within South Africa.

Who inspires Aurellia?

The children. She is a God Mother to 6 and an aunt to many. Knowing that there is a need in kiddies jewellery is even more inspiring to keep going and to provide that service. Also while partnering up with a children's home, she provides a service to help the ones in need by allowing an amount from each purchase to go towards the home.

What drives her to provide a quality product to her client?

Being a natural perfectionist and paying a lot of attention to detail, she feels that her clients deserve a quality product. Working in a niche market, she knows what the elite expects from a jewellery designer. Now she brings that same quality product to the public and for little children to enjoy well-made, good quality jewellery that can be kept for life and passed down as an heirloom, such as the Baba Silver Spoon. Other pieces in her collection  also holds sentimental value such as the Bracelet with a cross (or other religious symbol). She believes it symbolises who you are, no matter what religion. In this way she respects all religions and stands by the notion that you should be proud of who you are and wear your faith's holy symbol with pride.

What can you expect from an Aurellia original?

She uses sterling silver and gold metals. She loves a piece that can be personalised to suit the client, for example an I.D bracelet, a dog tag neck chain or a name plate. In her collection you will find religious symbols as pendants for multiple religions – Christian, Islam, Jewish, Hindu – or a symbol of your choice. Then theres the show-stopper, The  Baba Silver Spoon and Spoon brooch, with birthstones as a Christening or birth gift.


Let your baba be born to this symbol and let his / her life be Purified with Abundance, Health, Prosperity and Love.”

The Baba Silver Spoon is symbolic of the abundance family and friends bless each new born baby with.  We wish the little ones a life full of abundance of ALL good things.

Prosperity, Life, love, Light, Loving-Kindness, Laughter and Health.